Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad/Transitional School

Ndinawe Off Campus

One in five youth graduate high school in the North End. Multiple economic and social factors contribute to instability, low performance, a high rate of absenteeism and school leaving. The Ndinawe Youth Transitional School is intended to curb these statistics. The transitional school is the only one of its’ kind in the city of Winnipeg and acts as an innovative approach to opening windows of opportunity for our youth. Ndinawe recognizes that education is a key component in poverty reduction as formal education can establish the foundation for breakthrough strategies to scale up the impact of poverty reduction practices.

The Ndinawe Youth Transitional School provides a structured and integrated learning environment for youth in transition from formal school. In partnership with R.B. Russell the Transitional School provides a positive educational atmosphere for youth in transition (in between school placements) participants maybe Youth who have been suspended from school, have been non-attendees for years, released from the Youth Centre, or who are waiting to be placed in a school. By utilizing traditional and non-traditional supports the Transitional School helps to ensure that students do not fall behind in the educational system and increases the success of a positive transition back into the main stream school system. The program in its first year was met with remarkable success and response from the community. This program has a continuous intake, working with up to 15 youth at a time.



Youth in the North End of Winnipeg between the ages of 14-17, looking to re-engage with the regular school system.

24 Hour Safe House Intake Line: