Ndinawe Outreach

Many of our staff work to develop a trusting rapport with the youth and several of the community parents. Through these relationships the staff becomes aware of the needs and issues of the youth and the community. Both the youth and the community as a whole, provide valuable information pertaining to local gang activity, high risk addresses and sexually exploited youth in the community.

The outreach team monitors various areas during specific time periods which involve high risk activity in the community. The outreach team has teamed up with community collaterals such as the Winnipeg Outreach Network (WON) in providing outreach services in the area. This allows for outreach to be conducted during the day and the evening, in addition our outreach team conducts presentations on issues that directly affect youth in the community such as drug use, STDs, and sexual exploitation.

Contact Program

Outreach Schedule

Currently our outreach team is available seven nights a week in the community. Evening foot patrols are currently being done in the North End, Dowtown and West End of the city.

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