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Celebrating 25 years of community and relationship building

Since 1993, we’ve been working in and alongside our community to build a sense of connection and belonging for our youth here in Winnipeg. We are very proud of what we have accomplished together with our partners and the community to strengthen the youth voice and reduce their social isolation here in our city.

Over the past 25 years, Ndinawe has grown as an organization and as a community. Our programs now range from transitional homes and schools to family development and youth care worker training, along with the safe house facilities we have always provided.

We have also recently expanded into a fourth building in the city to house more of our programs, services, staff and youth. And with new funding from the federal government, we’re now able to keep our doors open to youth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ensuring we remain an immediate and reliable place of safety whenever it’s needed.

As we continue to grow and build to meet youth and community needs, our organization also chose to undergo a rebranding process last year. Seeking an updated look for our logo, website and printed brochures, we embarked on a redesign project to better reflect who we are now in the community while making it easier for youth, families and funders to find us, remember us, and understand what we offer.

With the graphic and web design team at Vincent Design, a Winnipeg-based creative marketing company that specializes in Indigenous design. This is the same design firm that worked on the Indigenous People’s Atlas of Canada, among other key projects here in our community, and we feel very proud of what we accomplished together as part of their portfolio.

A key part of this process was choosing a new logo: our board sat down with Vincent Design and shared the core values and elements we wanted to carry forward into our new look. The logo we chose is simple, but distinctive, using soft colours and stylized graphics that are both youthful and uplifting. The two birds, one big and one little turned towards each other, are particularly strong emblems of what we stand for and strive to do in our work everyday.

Then, Vincent Design helped us incorporate those same elements into a custom-built, easy-to-navigate website. We’re so happy with the new site and how it works: all our programs and services are easy to find, and the photos, colours and imagery all work together to reflect the safe, welcoming and culturally sensitive space we create for youth in our community.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to add new content to our website, including a blog that will tell more stories about the programs we run and the people we work with in the community. We’ll also continue to work with Vincent Design to print our new brochures with our new look; building on the strong, collaborative relationship we’ve developed with their team over the past year.

As we head towards the start of a new year, keep an eye out for more new information on our programs and services on our website. And in the meantime, connect with us on social media via the buttons in the top right corner of every page on our new site, to stay up-to-date on Ndinawe and our latest news.