Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad/Tina’s Safe Haven

Tina’s Safe Haven

Tina’s Safe Haven has approximately 50 participants’ visit the drop-in centre a day. The drop-in centre youth are welcomed at the door and are able to recognize employment and housing resources upon arrival as well as scheduled programming for that day. The drop-in centre is open twenty four hours. Youth can utilize laundry facilities, television, phone services, games, and computers. As well as planned activities, special events, counseling support and resources. The program mentors are available to assist youth in pursuing their interests by locating applications, equipment usage, transportation, workshops and referrals. A large component of Tina’s Safe Haven involves outings that include recreational activities, movies and camping trips. There are also special dinners and dances planned throughout the year. All the youth that participate in programs or just come to hang out, have access to a number of services whether it being a hot plate of food or a safe ride home. Tina’s Safe Haven is a safe and healthy environment that will continue to acknowledge youth and provide resourceful assistance.

Sports & Recreation

The recreation program operates on a nightly basis with different activities reflecting the different seasons and youth input. The recreation program allows participants of all athletic backgrounds to learn and excel in different sports. Along with learning different sports and activities, the youth involved learn everyday life skills like team work, commitment, physical fitness and responsibility.

The program offers activities and sports that adhere to the variety of participants needs. These include basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, bowling, tobogganing; ice skating, floor hockey, baseball, touch football, and soccer.

North End Arts Centre

Ndinawe’s North End Art Centre Program aims to improve skill, promote creative expression and build confidence. Our goal is to connect art activities with actual life experience and expose youth talent to other communities outside of the North End. The program operates Monday-Saturday and offers one hour of art instruction followed by hands on exploration of a wide variety of materials and themes. The objective is to provide art lessons of a high standard, using a diverse pallet of materials including an electrical pottery kiln and wheel. Mediums explored include: pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, ink, color pastels, acrylic, watercolors and oil paint, and clay. Every week the program offers a different theme and teaches various styles and techniques.

Upon completion, youth have many opportunities to display their talents. These include outdoor projects such as wall murals, city wide art sales, commercial art shows where sales go to the youth, gallery tours and any other venues that will broaden the youth experience. In these past years the art program has successfully supported community youth to achieve entrance into the University Of Manitoba Faculty Of Fine Arts.

Ndinawe Youth Board

The goal of the volunteer Youth Board is to give youth who attend the centre a voice in and ownership of current programming and future development of the centre. The board meets once a month to discuss various topics and issues that concern resource centre events, activities and program content. Youth attending the resource centre recommend program ideas on activities and or outings on a regular basis to the youth board. The meetings are focused on ways to strengthen youth creativity, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Ndinawe Youth board has a voting seat on our Ndinawe Community Board. Each board member is expected to support and contribute to the youth resource centre and the community in a positive way. This is accomplished by contributing ideas in board meetings, volunteering at the Resource Centre or through community events and activities. The Youth Board also contributes by performing community service (shoveling snow, basic yard maintenance, etc.) to needing community members. Youth have an opportunity to build a relationship with elders in the community and create a vibrant community making the elders and youth feel safe.


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