Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad/Wazoson Zagiiwaywin

Wazoson Zagiiwaywin Program

Wazoson Zagiiwaywin, Nest of Love and Care, is a safe space for youth 18-24 who want and need support as they navigate adult systems. Many young adults accessing services face a myriad of unique challenges such as mental health, addictions, chronic homelessness, and a history of trauma. 

At Wazoson Zagiiwaywin, Nest of Love and Care, youth have access to a specialized team of staff that provide housing supports, systems navigation, and a variety of transitional supports that may include employment (resume making and job seeking), acquiring a bank account, EIA support, and more. 

Wazoson Zagiiwaywin is located upstairs at Tina’s Safe Haven where youth have access to showers, personal hygiene supplies, laundry facilities, and healthy snacks. 

Contact info: nest@ndinawe.ca


24 Hour Safe House Intake Line: