Current Board Members

  • Jordan Bighorn, Co-Chair
  • Danielle Erickson, Co-Chair
  • Louis Nault, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Damon Johnston, Director
  • Carla Kirkpatrick, Director
  • Lesley Beardy, Director
  • Kendell Joiner, Director
  • Avery Hallberg, Director


Ndinawe is funded by multiple sources of support, but not limited to:

Province of Manitoba:

    • Department of Families – Tracia’s Trust
    • Victim Services
    • Lighthouses
    • Manitoba Art Council

Government of Canada:

    • Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples
    • First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
    • Public Health Agency of Canada
    • Employment and Social Development Canada – Canada Summer Jobs
    • Reaching Home – End Homelessness Winnipeg


  • United Way Winnipeg
  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource
  • The Home Depot Canada Foundation
  • Peter Gilgan Foundation

24 Hour Safe House Intake Line: